what did you do when you wanted to die.

then you wake up and you don't want to die anymore.

Anonymous asked: isn't pratt like super expensive? how did you manage to get $40000+ :(

I got like half scholarship

Anonymous asked: do you have a roomate


Anonymous asked: Are you an artist? Isn't Pratt an art school?

I’m studying art.

Anonymous asked: where are you going to college?


Anonymous asked: goodluck in college!

Thank you!

Update: my floor is starwars themed.

College update so far:
-I already want to punch some kids.
-the two people I met online seem as cool as they did over the internet
-“I already met 30 people or something, I’m going to be pretty popular” -another kid I want to hit
-I look smacked as hell in my ID photo
-I’ve accidentally walked in front of like three people taking photos of their kids posing on campus.

I’m just crossing my fingers right now hoping that the kids at Pratt aren’t as annoying as it seems on the page. Also I hope that they don’t all use “XD” as often as they do on the page.